Rating System

We use a pretty standard and universally recognizable 1-5 rating system. The overall rating of a film that we review is based on a lot of factors, but it is primarily intended to be an honest and emotional reaction to the film. A breakdown of what each number represents is listed below.

Overall Ratings:

1/5: Awful

This is a film that has failed to accomplish what it set out to do and doesn’t have any strong redeemable elements.

2/5: Not Good

This is a film that has failed in more ways than it has succeeded. Usually, this is not a recommended film.

3/5: Good

This is a film that we would recommend, but that didn’t necessarily stand out in enough ways to be rated higher.

4/5: Very Good

This is a notable film with remarkable qualities that succeeds in most ways.

5/5: Outstanding

This is an excellent film that we think has very few and/or minor flaws and that was particularly affecting.