Hunt for the Wilderpeople

Overall Rating: 5/5 June 24, 2016 Dir. Taika Waititi Rated NR (for thematic elements including violent content, and for some language) Hunt for the Wilderpeople is one of those dramas that has true character. It’s tone, a rare species of the dramedy variety, is memorable and rife in every scene. Filmed in the beautiful New Zealand […]

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Queen of Katwe

Overall Rating: 4/5 September 30, 2016 Dir. Mira Nair Rated PG (for thematic elements, an accident scene and some suggestive material) Disney presents Queen of Katwe which tells an underdog chess story about a young girl from the slums of Uganda–and it’s based on a true story. The fact that this film is strictly based on true […]

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Pete’s Dragon

Overall Rating: 3/5 August 12, 2016 Dir. David Lowery Rated PG (for action, peril and brief language) This is a really solid family film. I knew virtually nothing about Pete’s Dragon going into the film, so I can’t comment as to how faithful it is (or isn’t) to its source material, but it did seem to fit […]

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Kubo and the Two Strings

Overall Rating: 4/5 August 19, 2016 Dir. Travis Knight Rated PG (for thematic elements, scary images, action and peril) Kubo may be the single best animated feature of the year and for many reasons. Receiving two Oscar nominations, this film utilizes a mixture of animation techniques including CGI and stop-motion to create something really cool visually. The […]

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Overall Rating: 4/5 November 23, 2016 Dir. Ron Clements, John Musker, Chris Williams, Don Hall Rated PG (for peril, some scary images and brief thematic elements) Disney’s Moana is one of the best animated films of the year. While there may be some valid complaints to be had about the film, it nails most of what it […]

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Overall Rating: 3/5 September 16, 2016 Dir. Bentley Dean, Martin Butler Rated NR Tanna, one of this year’s Oscar nominees for Best Foreign Picture, is named for the South Pacific island that it was filmed on. The entire film was shot on location and tells the true story of a marriage dispute that occurred among the […]

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Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice

Overall Rating: 1/5 March 23, 2016 Dir. Zack Snyder Rated PG-13 (for intense sequences of violence and action throughout, and some sensuality) I think this one’s still ranked at the bottom of my 2016 list of films. This was bad…very bad. It’s hard to tell exactly who is responsible for the poor story-telling here, but Snyder did […]

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