Green Room

Overall Rating: 4/5 April 29, 2016 Dir. Jeremy Saulnier Rated R (for strong brutal graphic violence, gory images, language and some drug content) As is typical of most thrillers and horror films, this is certainly one that is best to know as little about as possible before viewing–so I’ll try to be brief. Director Jeremy Saulnier […]

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Overall Rating: 4/5 September 9, 2016 Dir. Clint Eastwood Rated PG-13 (for some peril and brief strong language) As a general rule, I would highly recommend Clint Eastwood’s directorial filmography, and Sully is not an exception. The film depicts the true story of an attempted emergency landing by Capt. Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger (Tom Hanks). I don’t […]

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The Last Man on the Moon

Overall Rating: 4/5 February 26, 2016 Dir. Mark Craig Rated NA This is a documentary starring its subject, astronaut Eugene Cernan, that explores his life’s story as well as the triumphs and failures of NASA at the time. Over 40 years after the titled ‘last man’ stepped off the moon, Cernan (and his family) express […]

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Toni Erdmann

Overall Rating: 3/5 December 25, 2016 Dir. Maren Ade Rated R (for strong sexual conetnt, graphic nudity, language and brief drug use) Toni Erdmann has proven to be a tough film to review. The film has impressive strengths, but there are a number of things that diminish the film’s efficacy and ultimately damage the overall experience. […]

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Overall Rating: 3/5 December 28, 2016 Dir. Jim Jarmusch Rated R (for some language) Paterson could be a very polarizing film. It is a film about art and specifically poetry. There are a number of things that director Jarmusch does here that make the viewer feel as if they are experiencing poetry through film, which is really […]

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The Jungle Book

Overall Rating: 4/5 April 15, 2016 Dir. Jon Favreau Rated PG (for some sequences of scary action and peril) The Jungle Book manages to do some pretty amazing things. First off, it’s an improvement on its 1967 animated predecessor of the same name. It manages to deliver a better story and one that is more in tune with its source […]

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Hunt for the Wilderpeople

Overall Rating: 5/5 June 24, 2016 Dir. Taika Waititi Rated NR (for thematic elements including violent content, and for some language) Hunt for the Wilderpeople is one of those dramas that has true character. It’s tone, a rare species of the dramedy variety, is memorable and rife in every scene. Filmed in the beautiful New Zealand […]

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