Eye in The Sky

Overall Rating: 4/5 April 1, 2016 Dir. Gavin Hood Rated R (for some violence images and language) Eye in the Sky places the moral dilemmas of modern warfare as well as modern governments’ handling of such front and center stage. The film manages to provoke both one’s thoughts and emotions. It really does an excellent job […]

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Overall Rating: 3/5 November 11, 2016 Dir. Paul Verhoeven Rated R (for violence involving sexual assault, disturbing sexual content, some grisly images, brief graphic nudity, and language) Selected to compete for the Palme d’Or, Elle was one of the most critically acclaimed foreign films of the year. Isabelle Hupert delivers an Oscar-nominated performance in her unique and […]

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Overall Rating: 4/5 March 12, 2016 Dir. Mike Flanagan Rated R (for strong violence/terror and some language) Don’t let the poor choice in movie poster fool you– Hush is a refreshingly well-crafted, small-scale home invasion film. Horror connoisseurs such as Stephen King and William Friedkin (The Exorcist director) weighed in on Hush very positively if that’s […]

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10 Cloverfield Lane

Overall Rating: 5/5 March 11, 2016 Dir. Dan Trachtenberg Rated PG-13 (for thematic material including frightening sequences of threat with some violence, and brief language) Let me start off by saying that this is a great standalone film. You don’t need to have ever seen J.J. Abrams’s Cloverfield to understand and enjoy this one. Regardless of […]

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The Accountant

Overall Rating: 2/5 October 14, 2016 Dir. Gavin O’Connor Rated R (for strong violence and language throughout) The Accountant was a guilty pleasure for me. At a certain point in the film, things just start to get worse and worse, but I have to admit that it is entertaining throughout. Its premise will grab your attention (at […]

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Don’t Breathe

Overall Rating: 3/5 August 26, 2016 Dir. Fede Alvarez Rated R (for terror, violence, disturbing content, and language including sexual references) Don’t Breathe turns certain horror tropes on their head and plays with the audience in some refreshingly creative ways. The premise involves our protagonists breaking into the home of an old, blind man to […]

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The Girl on the Train

Overall Rating: 2/5 October 7, 2016 Dir. Tate Taylor Rated R (for violence, sexual content, language and nudity) Having read the book of the same name on which this film is based, I can say that it did a good job of adapting the book. In fact, it followed the book to a fault. However, […]

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