Overall Rating: 5/5 July 29, 2016 Dir. Clay Tweel Rated R (for language) The documentary Gleason offers an extremely intimate and personal exploration of the lives of the Saints’ defensive back, Steve Gleason, and his family after he is diagnosed with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, commonly known as Lou Gehrig’s disease or ALS. Gleason is an immensely powerful film and […]

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The Last Man on the Moon

Overall Rating: 4/5 February 26, 2016 Dir. Mark Craig Rated NA This is a documentary starring its subject, astronaut Eugene Cernan, that explores his life’s story as well as the triumphs and failures of NASA at the time. Over 40 years after the titled ‘last man’ stepped off the moon, Cernan (and his family) express […]

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The Tower

Overall Rating: 4/5 October 12, 2016 Dir. Keith Maitland Rated NA The Tower is a documentary/drama that explores the story of the shootings in Austin, Texas about 50 years ago. The subject matter is sensitive, and the film does a good job at approaching it in a sensitive manner as well as a new one (for […]

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