Overall Rating: 5/5 March 3, 2017 Dir. James Mangold Rated R (for strong brutal violence and language throughout, and for brief nudity) Yes, Logan, is really violent. And yes, it’s over-the-top. But damn…this is a good movie. Beneath the bloody surface emerges a modern Western of sorts, which has one of the best stories and scripts […]

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Sing Street

Overall Rating: 5/5 April 15, 2016 Dir. John Carney Rated PG-13 (for thematic elements including strong language and some bullying behavior, a suggestive image, drug material and teen smoking) With infectious optimism, Sing Street, explores youth, creation, and family in a story skillfully told with music. This musical will have you feeling “happy-sad” as you watch the […]

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The Edge of Seventeen

Overall Rating: 5/5 November 18, 2016 Dir. Kelly Fremon Craig Rated R (for sexual content, language and some drinking – all involving teens) This impressive and impassioned directorial debut won multiple awards and nominations for Kelly Fremon Craig, who self-wrote this coming-of-age dramedy. The Edge of Seventeen is easily one of the best of its […]

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10 Cloverfield Lane

Overall Rating: 5/5 March 11, 2016 Dir. Dan Trachtenberg Rated PG-13 (for thematic material including frightening sequences of threat with some violence, and brief language) Let me start off by saying that this is a great standalone film. You don’t need to have ever seen J.J. Abrams’s Cloverfield to understand and enjoy this one. Regardless of […]

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Captain Fantastic

Overall Rating: 5/5 July 8, 2016 Dir. Matt Ross Rated R (for language and brief graphic nudity) This under-appreciated drama about family will probably have you asking yourself new questions about parenting regardless of your age or experience. The original story by Matt Ross manages to remain unique and universally relatable throughout, but what really shines here […]

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