You want to know how good or bad a film is and for what reasons but you haven’t seen it yet…so where are you going to find spoiler-free reviews? And furthermore, where will you find reviews that you can chew through easily and quickly?

Here at Minute Film Reviews we offer more than just a “Rotten Tomatoes Consensus” for you. We present focused reviews that take less than a minute to read so that you can quickly be on your way. You’ll learn more than just whether or not we think a film’s worth your time, but also why and all without spoiling a thing!

Our reviews:

  • Keep plot points and character names to a minimum
  • Are succint. WHY or WHY NOT see this film?
  • Use a consistent rating system for easy reference and comparison
  • Put all* films on an even playing field
*Almost any film is considered for review. However, certain particular types of films will be omitted from this site. As a general rule, the only films that will not be reviewed are too politically charged (usually documentaries in this case), exploitative and/or pornographic in nature.

**There is a limited amount of time to view and review films and naturally, we will try to spend our time watching movies that we’ll enjoy. So another type of film that you may find missing on this site are ones that haven’t been very highly recognized or reviewed.

***A note on release dates: Generally, the release date for a film will be listed as the wide/limited theater release date and not necessarily the official release date. This means that a film may actually be reviewed for a year in which it was not technically released.