Overall Rating: 5/5

November 25, 2016
Dir. Garth Davis
PG-13 (for thematic material and some sensuality)

I don’t even know where to begin with this review because I was floored by my first viewing of this film.

Lion received six Oscar nominations (including Best Picture) but didn’t win any of them, which seemed odd to me. For whatever reason, this film did not seem to affect some audiences as much as it affected others. Perhaps that is something to keep in mind while reading this review. I may be biased, but the subject matter of this story really affected me.

The film has two primary settings which were handled by different crews (for the most part) and is effectively two films in one, in regards to production. The way that these two “films” compliment one another and maintain consistency is remarkable.

Besides representing an incredible feat of production, the film also executes excellent story-telling and oh, by the way, it’s based on a true story. The acting is also top-notch, especially from Dev Patel.

Recommended for everyone. Also recommended: try not to research the story until after you’ve seen the film.


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