La La Land

Overall Rating: 5/5

December 9, 2016
Dir. Damien Chazelle
Rated PG-13 (for some language)

La La Land, which almost accidentally won the Oscar for Best Picture this year, is a visual feast best appreciated for its artistry. Damien Chazelle appears to have had as much fun creating the film as he wanted audiences to have viewing it.

I’ll be honest, though, not only did I not think I would like this film very much, but I also actually didn’t like this film very much…until about half-way through it.

Without specifying exactly how, I’ll say that the first half (roughly) of the film is very different than the second. The first half, to my mind, felt almost like a joke, a caricature in many ways and a predictable one…Then the film starts to make more sense. The plot begins to shift in different directions and the visual and musical story-telling becomes more complex and yet more appropriate. Emma Stone’s last audition scene could’ve been a 5/5 short film by itself.

This turn-around is why I give La La Land a 5/5 instead of a 3/5. Give the film a chance and stick with it. The latter half of the film brings everything together quite nicely despite the initial impressions the film may give you. Oh, and good luck not getting the main theme stuck in your head.


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