The Last Man on the Moon

Overall Rating: 4/5

February 26, 2016
Dir. Mark Craig
Rated NA

This is a documentary starring its subject, astronaut Eugene Cernan, that explores his life’s story as well as the triumphs and failures of NASA at the time. Over 40 years after the titled ‘last man’ stepped off the moon, Cernan (and his family) express their thoughts in depth on the subject matter for the first time.

Speaking of the subject matter, this is mostly what I thought made it so interesting as a documentary. Exploring the moon and sending men into space is an extraordinary part of history to learn about and this film does so from some perspectives that viewers will most likely not have been previously exposed to. Even experts on the matter will be excited to see never-before released footage from NASA.

This documentary strikes a good balance between the historical, scientific, and the personal topics at hand without using cheap gimmicks to force your interest. It’s simply and beautifully shot and should provoke thought in audiences of all ages–highly recommend!


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