The Jungle Book

Overall Rating: 4/5

April 15, 2016
Dir. Jon Favreau
Rated PG (for some sequences of scary action and peril)

The Jungle Book manages to do some pretty amazing things. First off, it’s an improvement on its 1967 animated predecessor of the same name. It manages to deliver a better story and one that is more in tune with its source material. Second, it brandishes innovative animation that is impressively and seamlessly blended with live action. As far as talking animals go, these are the best that I’ve seen. And last, but not least, the craftily chosen cast members do an excellent job of bringing these classic characters to life. See if you can recognize their voices before looking up the cast.

Great story. Great visuals. Great acting… That pretty much covers it. I have some minor complaints that are barely worth mentioning but that amount to, more or less, just some poorly placed scenes (nothing that diminishes the film too much). This easily makes top one or two best family films of the year.


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