Pete’s Dragon

Overall Rating: 3/5

August 12, 2016
Dir. David Lowery

Rated PG (for action, peril and brief language)

This is a really solid family film. I knew virtually nothing about Pete’s Dragon going into the film, so I can’t comment as to how faithful it is (or isn’t) to its source material, but it did seem to fit the “Disney mold” quite nicely.

Pete’s Dragon fits the bill as a younger-age, “family film” probably more than anything else that I’ve seen from 2016. This is mostly due to its juvenile nature (especially apparent in the first half of the film) which some may find to be a turn off. For example, none of the characters are very fleshed out. However, its careful avoidance of creating too much of a villain in any character actually strengthens the film’s overall quality and effectiveness in my opinion. Some good acting (Karl Urban actually stands out among the cast) in conjunction with the way its story ties up in the second half make for an above-average presentation.

Pete’s Dragon isn’t spectacular, but it manages to be touching and entertaining– almost a 4/5. I highly recommend this film for the younger viewers out there.


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