Overall Rating: 3/5

December 28, 2016
Dir. Jim Jarmusch
Rated R (for some language)

Paterson could be a very polarizing film. It is a film about art and specifically poetry. There are a number of things that director Jarmusch does here that make the viewer feel as if they are experiencing poetry through film, which is really something. There is visual repetition and pattern placement that match poetic rhythms. However, like a poem (good or bad) a lot may be lost on the audience through subtlety, bore the audience through pacing, and confuse the audience through metaphor. In other words, there’s kind of a lot to chew through here (and at a slow pace)–more than the average movie-goer is probably looking for.

I respect this film a lot, admire it, and was provoked by it. But ultimately it wasn’t incredibly memorable or entertaining. If you’re looking for something that has been created with careful deliberation and that studies the simple things in life, this is your film. I’m willing to guess that this film won’t be ideal for most viewers as it wasn’t for me.


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