Eye in The Sky

Overall Rating: 4/5

April 1, 2016
Dir. Gavin Hood
Rated R (for some violence images and language)

Eye in the Sky places the moral dilemmas of modern warfare as well as modern governments’ handling of such front and center stage. The film manages to provoke both one’s thoughts and emotions. It really does an excellent job at depicting the awful tension and dread of witnessing and even conducting war from sequestered locales.

The film feels like a meditation on war more than a “war film” per se, despite having some intense action sequences. I was grateful for the fact that at most junctions, the film chooses not to become overly political (where it most certainly could have) and instead steers in a more philosophical direction. This choice in tone placed a lot of responsibility in the hands of the actors to deliver powerful performances, which was expertly accomplished by Helen Mirren, Alan Rickman, Iain Glen, and Aaron Paul to name a few.

Relevant, probably uncomfortably realistic in some ways, and an enjoyable thriller in its own right, Eye in the Sky is definitely worth a viewing.


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