Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice

Overall Rating: 1/5

March 23, 2016
Dir. Zack Snyder
Rated PG-13 (for intense sequences of violence and action throughout, and some sensuality)

I think this one’s still ranked at the bottom of my 2016 list of films. This was bad…very bad.

It’s hard to tell exactly who is responsible for the poor story-telling here, but Snyder did not help. The writing and directing in this superhero disaster are atrocious (even the action is bad!).

Upon the announcement that Ben Affleck would be acting as Batman, many were skeptical as to whether he was the right one for the job. Instead, I thought Affleck did fine and was probably one of the only cylinders firing in this behemoth of an action film.

You can just tell that this script went through editing hell. The story’s plot is confusing; to say aloud what is happening is comedic if you can even manage to understand it. More unfortunate, however, is the fact that both the story’s theme(s) and tone are confusing. There were some ideas that seem as though they could have been good in a different context, but instead they contradicted or confused one another producing a jumbled mess.

DC’s superhero films have been disappointing for some time, but this may just be the worst of the worst.


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