The Secret Life of Pets

Overall Rating: 3/5

July8, 2016
Dir. Yarrow Cheney, Chris Renaud
Rated PG (for action and some rude humor)

The simple and hilarious premise shown in the early trailers made me wonder why we haven’t seen this exact kind of movie come along sooner.

Unfortunately, this film does not deliver its own premise very well. Without discussing details, I will say that the “Pixar short” tone that some of the early trailers imitated is not at all the tone emulated by the finished product. The premise itself and the story have very little to do with one another. Also the actual character development here is sub-par.

Pets has neat animation, some great voice acting, and the originality of some of the ideas here will keep your (and certainly the kids’) interest, but unfortunately after the film is over you may agree that while this film was cute, it was not very memorable.


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