Overall Rating: 4/5

March 12, 2016
Dir. Mike Flanagan
Rated R (for strong violence/terror and some language)

Don’t let the poor choice in movie poster fool you– Hush is a refreshingly well-crafted, small-scale home invasion film. Horror connoisseurs such as Stephen King and William Friedkin (The Exorcist director) weighed in on Hush very positively if that’s any indication of the effectiveness we’re dealing with here.

If you don’t know the synopsis of Hush, then hold off on viewing the trailer or otherwise ruining it for yourself. Go in blind and get ready for a film that has more payoff and intelligence than this year’s Don’t Breathe (another film with a refreshing take on home-invasion). With considerably less budget and a much simpler task than Don’t Breathe, the film still manages to come out much stronger, despite minor flaws.

So turn out the lights and get ready for some heart-pounding tension in one of this year’s best horror films.



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