The Accountant

Overall Rating: 2/5

October 14, 2016
Dir. Gavin O’Connor
Rated R (for strong violence and language throughout)

The Accountant was a guilty pleasure for me. At a certain point in the film, things just start to get worse and worse, but I have to admit that it is entertaining throughout. Its premise will grab your attention (at least for your first viewing).

The Accountant’s biggest strengths are its action sequences and ridiculous scenarios. While not as over-the-top as, say, John Woo’s work, it certainly was reminiscent. So if you’re a Woo fan this one’s probably a solid bet for you.

The Accountant‘s biggest weaknesses were its incompetent story-telling (there are multiple moments in which the film has to “stop and explain” what’s going on because of how absurd it would be to try to show), lack of realism, and a very skewed presentation of mental conditions including a complete misuse of autism.

Preposterous, entertaining and probably one of my favorite action films of the year, The Accountant sets the bar low.


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