Captain Fantastic

Overall Rating: 5/5

July 8, 2016
Dir. Matt Ross
Rated R (for language and brief graphic nudity)

This under-appreciated drama about family will probably have you asking yourself new questions about parenting regardless of your age or experience. The original story by Matt Ross manages to remain unique and universally relatable throughout, but what really shines here and is the film’s source for “relatability” is the acting.

Viggo Mortensen got an Oscar nod for his role in this film and gives one of the best performances I’ve seen from anyone all year. The rest of the cast members (most of whom are child actors) do a phenomenal job of bringing realistic and complicated characters to life (so much so, that I came away thinking of this as one of the year’s best films).

This is a family drama that was an absolute joy to watch (something I can’t picture myself saying about many similar films). It perfectly layers moments both hilarious and touching, creating an unusually authentic effect not commonly found. This is the kind of film that feels like it should be based on a true story.



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